Investments Partnerships

Risk sharing, advisor for shares, co-investments, club deals

Industry insight

Consumer goods, automotive, luxury goods, real estate, restructuring and strategic advisory

Country Insight

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, India, The Middle East, China

Investor Services

Identify and prepare available investment oppurtunities for investors and family offices

Market Services

Access to new markets and companies, mergers & acquisition, succession

International Networking and Development

Family Services

Sparring partner for family enterprises / Conflict solutions in coopertion with

Corporate Finance & Mergers & Acquisitions Services for Family Enterprises and Mid-Cap Companies

With 30 years of experience in managing and advising family entrepreneurs for Financing and buying and selling companies and corporate assets, shares and Commercial real estate Geiger & Mach Group and the founders have played an active Role in this market. Succession planning and conflict solution among shareholders for Geiger & Mach has always been connected to financial solutions and the development of business models in family enterprises.

Investments and Projects

Andreas E. Mach and Albert Michael Geiger are desendancts of entrepreneurial families with a long history going back to the 19th century. They manage their own portfolio And identify and manage business investement opportunities for family offices, family enterprises and investors. With their large network they organize club deals and co-invest with family entrepreneurs and also engage in risk-sharing for projects through advisory for shares

Family Entrepreneur Network

ALPHAZIRKEL, the heart of the meanwhile international Family Entrepreneur Network Built by Andreas E. Mach, Albert Geiger and Beatrice Rodenstock, was founded in Munich in 2005 to promote the exchange of experiences among family entrepreneurs In meeting the crucial challenges for keeping the family enterprise successful for generations. The dialogue conducted in moderated entrepreneur discussions has become the USP of Alphazirkel´s activities in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Turkey. ALPHAZIRKEL also connects family entrepreneurs across borders for business development, Joint Ventures and acquisitions and conducts seminars for the next entrepeneur generation, their families and non-family management. Our International Family Entrepreneur Network Board brings outstanding family entrepreneurs together from diffenrent cultures, countries and regions.